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Smart Home

Control your appliances, lighting, shades, heating, air conditioning, TVs, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by smart phone via internet.
The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through Smartphone and tablet connectivity.

Smart Hotel

With any business you can keep expenses to a minimum, but in the hospitality industry this can be tough. The problem with the hotel industry is trying to Save Energy but you can’t charge that out of your extra expenses - after all, you don't have any exact idea of how long a guest will leave the hot water running, how much electricity they'll use on an overnight stay, or even, guest may leave his room while all electricity, air condition, and TV are ON!
Depending on our solutions of hotel automation aims to full satisfaction of guest comfort and luxury, and at the same time … the best benefit of energy saving .

Lighting Control

Open up a whole new world of possibilities. Yes, they allow lighting to be controlled by a Smartphone and set schedules for lighting, but they offer far more. Lighting on when someone walks into a room and off once the room is empty. Light sensors measure the ambient or natural light levels to determine when lamps and other light sources are needed to maintain sufficient light levels in a room.
By connecting security with automation or lighting controls the systems can do the work for you, making it convenient to save energy. The home will still be well lit and you will have saved some serious money too.

Smart Interface Panels

Programmable switches and keypads enable groups of lights to be controlled together in scenes and to come on at preset levels with customizable ramp rates.
They can arm / disarm security system, control your music media entertainment, and even change climate of your home, all from one control panel.

HVAC Control

Monitor, Access & Control any unit or system from anywhere. Get status, alerts and automate controls. Dynamically manage systems and units as required. Reduce costs of maintenance and employee time to check the status of units and apply changes. Be in charge and start reducing you costs today.
Integration within home automation system enables you to run / stop HVAC units according to preset conditions , for example , units will stop when sensors detects there is no body in room , this will be so useful for hotels , offices , and Places of worship .

Motorized Curtains,Shuters Control

Provide convenient, reliable control of window coverings. They eliminate the need to pull a string or twist a rod.
Motorized window coverings are programmable. They can be configured for one or more positions .Once programmed the homeowner can simply press a button on a remote or in a Smartphone application to adjust their motorized shades to the desired position.
These motorized marvels arenot just about looks. They make a smart home even more powerful when connected to a home automation system. For example, they could be added to the home and away programs. Then when you leave or return to the house and arm the home security system, the window coverings will be closed and opened automatically. This makes a home less attractive to criminals and increases the security of the home while you are away.

Sound systems and Multimedia Control

Listen to your preferred music, watch your favorite movies. Just one touch and you can reach any media on your mobile phone, TV, DVD, some media on a card, YouTube. Moreover, and by standing to automation system, you will be capable of creating a scene fits your mode when you are enjoying preferred media.

Safety and Security

No more worrying about doors being left unlocked, lights left on, or water or gas leakage. All you did was walk out the door and press one button. Some detect motion in your house, while others such as glass break, window, and door sensors water and gas leakage sensors, when linked up to a smart home system, and at the time you arm the security, the automation system can set the thermostat to a more energy efficient setting and saving energy, shut off all the lighting and electronics in the home, lock all the doors, adjust motorized blinds and shades to conceal your possessions, and watch out water or gas leakage.

Surveillance cameras

They are commonly used to enhance home security systems. Keep an eye on your home. It is proved that monitored home by cameras is not a common target for thieves. In the event of a break in, they provide valuable evidence to assist the police in making an arrest. These handy devices also enable mom or dad to check in on the kids, check up on pets, and keep an eye on service providers working in the home while no one is home.

Solar Energy and Power Solutions

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun using technologies such as solar heaters for water heating and photovoltaic for electricity production. It is an important source of renewable and green energy.

Industrial control

Building electrical panels to control your factory machines, upgrading your old system into a new system depending on modern technology methods like PLC and Microcontrollers. Control your water station, Power factor, motors at site, or light distribution.

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